Book-review: The Manual of Ideas by John Mihaljevic

A friend works at an investing firm and gave me this book, thus I read the German hardcover version Das Value Investing Handbuch of this great value investing book. I wondered before if I should read more paper-based books instead of the usual kindle version. This book was perfect to read as the hardcover version …

The title of the book is 100% right! It is a manual. Thus, during reading it I was already imagining my future self to fetch this book from the bookshelf, open the relevant section, i.e. SOTPs or small caps, and scanning the section’s list of right-questions-to-ask. Navigating and working with a book is much more efficient using a paper-based book instead of a kindle version, thus I strongly recommend the hardcover version.

The book comes with a clear structure. John covers deep value, SOTPs, magic formula by Joel Greenblatt, so called jockey stock with good management, following super investors, small & micro caps, special situations, stubs, and international stocks. Each section has an introduction/definition, provides reasoning why it can/should work, John provides the right questions to ask which can logically be very different, and finally summarizes the chapter. This structure makes it the perfect manual I believe. He interviewed many outstanding investors and shares their broad wisdom throughout the book.

(If you look for an investing book that is more about investing philosophy this book is not for you. You might want to look at The Most Important Thing)

Here is the amazon link for the German hardcover version. But remember, your local book store has friendly personnel, pays his local wages/taxes and provides a very good reason to leave your 24h-living-room-turned-homeoffice location, even with this lousy weather outside. Fresh air is healthy. So is walking 😉

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