This is my personal blog about value investing. My blog posts will mostly be about specific companies and their stocks. From time to time I will write a portfolio review and hopefully many book-reviews since I love to constantly learn new things. That is one of the best things about my investment journey! I love to re-read the great investment books.

I will also write about more general investment topics. Additionally, I will post some links, mostly within my frequent food-for-thought wrap-ups summarizing relevant news flow and the most important content I stumbled about. I plan to rigorously use categories and tags (see below) so that you (and I) can better navigate my blog and hopefully do find what you are looking for. Please contact me if you have questions, want to provide feedback or start a fruitfull discussion.

Who am I ?

I am a German private investor. I finished my studies a few years ago and obtained a B.Sc. in economics and a M.Sc. in finance at the university of cologne, Germany. Currently, I work in a small treasury department of a global bank as fx dealer. Even though my current job is not related to equity investments or trading, before investing in single equity instruments I do need permission from my compliance department.

I was interested in investment topics for a very long time. But my personal value investing journey only became more serious when I started my blog searching4value. Though, my very first post was published in July 2018, I only started to write blog posts more frequently (or infrequently) a year later.

Nowadays, I really enjoy learning about value investing and related topics. This investing journey has proven to be an intellectually stimulating activity for me. Since I truly like it, I plan to become an equity analyst full time.

Why do I write this blog?

I view writing as a useful discipline for putting my thoughts into order and revealing them to a critical audience for feedback. This way, I hope to improve my own investment process through writing this blog. For me this means: truly analyzing and/or valueing a company and buying into it only if offered at attractive prices.

What else you can discover?

I want to make my blog easy to navigate, so that you easily find what you are looking for. Using categories and tags (see below) should really help you there! For example, I usually assign the category specific companies and the relevant sub-category, i.e. Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. when a post is specifically about valuing this company. If a post is less specific or only slightly related to a company, then I will instead assign its ticker, i.e. CHKP US.

Other blogs I follow and which you might find of interest are to be found in my blogroll.

Besides other reasons, I publish my current equity portfolio holdings for transparency.

Over time I compiled a long list of hopefully useful or at times funny quotes. Many contain a short and crisp lesson about investing or life.

I plan to create a lot of static but evolving pages and micro-pages along my personal investment journey writing down my most important learnings with a longer shelf-life. They will be about my value investing philosophy and tools or concepts used when performing company valuations.

So please feel free and even encouraged to get in contact with me sharing your general feedback or opinions on any matter…

Best and happy investing, s4v 🙂



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