Book-review: Quality Investing (Cunningham)

As quality investors, a major part of how we define greatness is the durability of the economics of the business (…) seeking companies boasting a combination of traits that overcome the forces of mean reversion.

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Book-review: Wiedersehen im Café am Rande der Welt by John Strelecky

A friend gave me the GERMAN book to read after talking about it during a walk. The book is the sequel to Das Café am Rande der Welt which I did not read. I enjoyed the book anyway.

The book helps people answer what they really want in life by telling a simple story about a man who re-enters a special coffee shop. The first of his visits changed his life for the better and was covered in the first book.

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Quicky on Fire Rock Hold. (1909 HK) – interesting year end ahead!

I recently (March 2020 😀 ) run a stock screener on high returns on equity or RoE (and some other metrics: net cash, P/E, yield it was, I believe) and ended up with a list of a few hundred company names. I quickly read through the first about one hundred names and noted ten stock tickers to take a further look. Frome these ten, I already knew four ticker symbols.

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