Flow Traders revisited (FLOW NA), May 2021

Recently, I read (and re-read) several books and other content about our biases and how these affect our investing decisions (mostly negatively). Over-confidence is one of the very common biases. My learnings about biases motivated me to revisit my Flow Traders analysis …

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Book review: Tesla, Elon Musk and the EV revolution

Vitaliy Katsenelson is one of my favorite authors of high-quality investment content. This is why I read his research about electric vehicles or EVs and many of his opinion pieces about Tesla some months ago (I believe it was an email-series). Anyway, some days ago I got to know that he offers his book Tesla, Elon Musk and the EV revolution for free for a few days. Beyond question, I read his book!

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Book Review: The Education of a Value Investor from Guy Spier

I just finished reading the book ‘The Education of a Value Investor’ from Guy Spier after just three days. As an exception I read the German version. The author describes his personal journey of how he became not only a better value investor but also a better and happier individual at the same time.

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