Book-review: The Essays of Warren Buffett, Cunningham

Most of these important lessons are well known already, but still, it is important to re-read some things. Ie, I stumbled over Boesky and the timeless adage ‘if sth can’t go on forever, it will end‘.

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Book-review: Das Grüne Paradoxon, Sinn (2012)

This is not an easy book to read. It is written academically (the topic is more discussed ideolically in Germany I believe since some facts/arguments are not welcome). Seldomly, i merely skimmed a few pages. Not all they data is up to date since I read an updated version from 2012, but the overall message still rings very true today, i beleive … unfortunately!

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Book-review: Wiedersehen im Café am Rande der Welt by John Strelecky

A friend gave me the GERMAN book to read after talking about it during a walk. The book is the sequel to Das Café am Rande der Welt which I did not read. I enjoyed the book anyway.

The book helps people answer what they really want in life by telling a simple story about a man who re-enters a special coffee shop. The first of his visits changed his life for the better and was covered in the first book.

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Book-review: The Manual of Ideas by John Mihaljevic

A friend works at an investing firm and gave me this book, thus I read the German hardcover version Das Value Investing Handbuch of this great value investing book. I wondered before if I should read more paper-based books instead of the usual kindle version. This book was perfect to read as the hardcover version …

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