Initiation of a Series of Quickies on new companies

I already know several parts of my review of the current year. One part will be about missed opportunities to act quickly and buy shares of ‘known’ companies at low prices during the pandemic induced market sell-off in March an April. Thus, I decided it is essential to have a rough view or an initial understanding of a higher number of companies

This is why I am initiating a series of quickies on new companies. I am going to write about my initial understanding of new companies on a regular basis going forward without analyzing them in full detail. At least, that’s my plan.

These quickies on new companies should help me (and you) to get a better understanding of business models in general and a first opinion about its attractiveness or quality. Ideally I would derive a rough estimate of its fair value and decide if it’s worth to take a closer look at the company now or later (maybe at a lower price point) …

It will be interesting to see how this project turns out. Did you pursue similar plans before and have some related experience to share?

Stay tuned …

Read part #1 about a German small cap that owns two sexy assets.


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