A General Risk Framework

According to academia, the cost of equity can be calculated using the CAPM, a central model to modern financial theory. But even Damodaran critizes this as a statistical approach usually considered too narrowly. Damodaran tends to and recommends to think about business risk in a more general sense first, without applying sophisticated and data-heavy statistical methods (which might have its place).

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Initiation of a Series of Quickies on new companies

I already know several parts of my review of the current year. One part will be about missed opportunities to act quickly and buy shares of ‘known’ companies at low prices during the pandemic induced market sell-off in March an April. Thus, I decided it is essential to have a rough view or an initial understanding of a higher number of companies

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News📰: Softbank Group spends 500 bn JPY on Share Buy Backs

Softbank Group Corp or SBG (9984 JP) plans to spend 500 bn Yen (c. 4.8 bn$) on Share Buy Backs, potentially purchasing about 7% of currently Oustanding Shares that will then be retired.

  • This plan follows Elliots proposal, the amount falls way short though
  • Share Buy Backs should (in theory) help closing the Valuation gap (NAV minus fair value)
  • I like the news, especially after the strong sell off