Links🔗: Food for Thought

Below you find the most interesting investment-related content and thought-provoking articels I stumbled about in the recent past. Enjoy reads about: Wirecard, Acatis, China, Inflation, Zoom, Retail Investors, …

  • Swen Lorenz from with an interesting write-up about De La Rue, a British small cap, in the crosshairs of the ‘war on cash’
  • Collaborative arguing in Never The Same that the (below) extreme measures will likely be used again since politicians (and voters) know about them and they worked for some (groups of) people/voters
    • expanding the FEDs balance sheet, airline bailouts, Paycheck Protection Plan, foreclosure moratoriums, …
    • for me that is a good argument for a higher probability that money will loose its value. call it inflation)
    • Collaborative uses the atomic bomb in WW II as a good comparison
  • Acatis with new videos about their online conference. My personal favorite from the conference was:
    • Dr. Ingo Beyer von Morgenstern from Qilin Capital about China in English and the original in German
  • Vitaliy Katsenelson with a post (and another one) comparing FANGMA stocks with the nifty fifty
  • The Economist with interesting articles about
    • Zoom and its issues in Sino-American politics (engineers are sitting in China)
    • Retail investors (#robinhood), comparing current western developments (airlines, cruise lines, hertz) too Chinas history of retails stock market investors

Best and happy investing, s4v


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