Book-review: Quality Investing (Cunningham)

As quality investors, a major part of how we define greatness is the durability of the economics of the business (…) seeking companies boasting a combination of traits that overcome the forces of mean reversion.

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My initial Thoughts on Competitive Advantages and Economic Moats

Moats were useful in ancient times to defend a castle from adversaries. It is defensive work that makes it harder for attackers to infiltrate the caste. (Economic) Moat is an expression used in the domain of value investing describing specific features protecting a business from competitors.

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Fundamental Valuation of Check Point Software (CHKP)

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli Company, that develops and sells Information Technology Security products. It is growing much slower than its highflying peers (Palo Alto, Fireeye, Fortinet) but it is very profitable. I do not have a good IT knowledge, but anyway, I wanted to perform a DCF Valuation of this Company for a long time now!

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