How did Pandora fare in Q1 with Corona hitting Physical Stores Hardest?

Pandora A/S (PNDORA DC) released its Interim Financial Report Q1 2020 today (May 5, 2020). January and February showed very encouraging sales trends, but then Corona hit the physical store networks. How did Pandora cope with the lockdowns?

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Pandora A/S DCF-Valuation after 2019-Q3

Pandora, a Danish Company producing and Selling Mid-Priced Jewelry, most known for their charms concept, reported Q3 2019 results. Time to update my valuation. The Companys Management is trying to turn around sales trends, currently highly negative. If the turnaround will be successful is very uncertain, thus the Company trades at a Forward P/E of below 10 and out of 20 analysts only 3 give a buy rating. If it is successful there is a much higher valuation to be realized, …

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