Quicky #5 on Gilead

This is part #5 on Gilead Sciences, Inc. of which I own shares (GILD US) since a few years without doing a thorough company analysis so far. The share price of GILD saw a recent high of $84 on remdesivir hopes in late April, but is now at a multi-year low of $60. Time for me to take a look …

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Quicky #4 on Inpex (1605 JP)

This is part #4 about Inpex Corporation (1605 JP). I stumbled about the company when reading about Royal Dutch Shell’s huge Prelude FLNG project off Australia in which Inpex owns a stake with several other Asian companies. Inpex took a huge one-off charge due to operational production problems depressing current earnings. Time to take a look …

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Initiation of a Series of Quickies on new companies

I already know several parts of my review of the current year. One part will be about missed opportunities to act quickly and buy shares of ‘known’ companies at low prices during the pandemic induced market sell-off in March an April. Thus, I decided it is essential to have a rough view or an initial understanding of a higher number of companies

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