Quicky on Computershare (CPU). Hoping for a revisit

The central processing unit or CPU is a fundamental component of any personal computer enabling the efficient processing of data between all other involved network components (certainly someone can correct me here). In a sense, so is CPU …

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I looked at the Banking Industry and I invested in this Asian company! (Silverlake)

This is part six and at the same time the last piece of my series on banks, for the time being. In this post I will do a quick recap of the series and take a look at my learnings.

More important for you: I analysed a company I had on my to-do-list for some time now …

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Quicky #4 on Inpex (1605 JP)

This is part #4 about Inpex Corporation (1605 JP). I stumbled about the company when reading about Royal Dutch Shell’s huge Prelude FLNG project off Australia in which Inpex owns a stake with several other Asian companies. Inpex took a huge one-off charge due to operational production problems depressing current earnings. Time to take a look …

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Is Tencent Music (TME) worth buying for its massive long-term growth potential?

[This post was published with password protection on Sept 22 but is now reposted without protection] Spotify is a very well known company in Western Europe and the US. Chances are that you use either Spotify’s services or any other service from Apple, Google, Amazon, etc! Spotify’s investing story rides on the huge secular growth trend of music streaming and podcasts, accelerated through covid-19, resulting in its one year stock price performance of +60%. Spotify’s profitability might be an issue, though. But there might be a more profitable alternative for investors …

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