QuickiešŸ“¢: Softbank Groups recent One Month Performance

Softbank Group (9984 JP) fell to a recent low of 2,687 JPY on March 19. Reseasons were the corona crisis hitting its portfolio of startups and mounting credit fears. Since then it recovered strongly, currently trading for 4,735 (+76%). Developments taking place were manyfold, such as …

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Is SES a good buy after shares are down 30% after FY 2019 results?

SES S.A. is an abbreviation for SociƩtƩ EuropƩenne des Satellites. SES is a holding company based in Luxembourg offering satellite communications services globally through its subsidiaries. The company offers services for cable television networks, Internet access, corporate networks, network facilities, telecommunications services, and audiovisual broadcasting serving corporates and governments.

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