Links🔗: Food for Thought #15

Below you find the most interesting investment-related content and thought-provoking articels I stumbled about in the recent past. Enjoy reads about: investment vehicles, China, 100 baggers, Goldman Sachs, 1MDB, Gilead, Intel, SES, Flow Traders, SPACs, … (this one got a bit longer far too long)

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Softbank Group: Do I Want to Buy More, Hold or Sell?

SoftBank Group (SBG) reported its earnings results for FY2019 on Monday (May 18, 2020), including record losses — mostly driven by adjusting the value of its investments like WeWork and Uber, downwards. Son announced another share buy back program and that SoftBank would invest in startups on its own, since finding outside investors for SVF sequels is unlikely. Time to update my sum-of-the-parts valuation…

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News📰: Softbank Group spends 500 bn JPY on Share Buy Backs

Softbank Group Corp or SBG (9984 JP) plans to spend 500 bn Yen (c. 4.8 bn$) on Share Buy Backs, potentially purchasing about 7% of currently Oustanding Shares that will then be retired.

  • This plan follows Elliots proposal, the amount falls way short though
  • Share Buy Backs should (in theory) help closing the Valuation gap (NAV minus fair value)
  • I like the news, especially after the strong sell off