Nibbling at Hingham (HIFS), during banking stress

I was looking at HIFS for some years and wanted to buy shares cheaper. With all the recent developments in the economy and the banking sector I got the chance to buy into a quality bank. A perceived quality bank with issues!

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I like this auto insurance company since it is Progressive

Traditional auto insurance companies are not the most desired investments currently. It’s all too easy to buy all these sexy new insurtechs around the corner (via your commission-free trading app). Advertising (or listing) your company as a tech company that could/would/should grow it’s revenue/users/losses by 10/20/50x is all the rage now. If that is what ‘investors’ want, that’s what they get …

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Quicky #8 on Bed Bath and Beyond after BBBY’s 2020 Investor Day

Did the turnaround of Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) finally kick off? New management was put in place and changed some things for good. Then the global pandemic and checks from the government set the stage for the long-awaited turnaround. After todays virtual investor day, it is time for a quicky …

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Fundamental Valuation of Check Point Software (CHKP)

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli Company, that develops and sells Information Technology Security products. It is growing much slower than its highflying peers (Palo Alto, Fireeye, Fortinet) but it is very profitable. I do not have a good IT knowledge, but anyway, I wanted to perform a DCF Valuation of this Company for a long time now!

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