Quicky #4 on Inpex (1605 JP)

This is part #4 about Inpex Corporation (1605 JP). I stumbled about the company when reading about Royal Dutch Shell’s huge Prelude FLNG project off Australia in which Inpex owns a stake with several other Asian companies. Inpex took a huge one-off charge due to operational production problems depressing current earnings. Time to take a look …

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Is Tencent Music (TME) worth buying for its massive long-term growth potential?

[This post was published with password protection on Sept 22 but is now reposted without protection] Spotify is a very well known company in Western Europe and the US. Chances are that you use either Spotify’s services or any other service from Apple, Google, Amazon, etc! Spotify’s investing story rides on the huge secular growth trend of music streaming and podcasts, accelerated through covid-19, resulting in its one year stock price performance of +60%. Spotify’s profitability might be an issue, though. But there might be a more profitable alternative for investors …

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What is Flow Traders’ potential as it is successfully riding the ETF investment trend?

Flow Traders N.V. is a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) that massively profits from the ongoing trend to passive investments (read more in my prior post). As such, it could benefit tremendously in the years and decades to come leveraging its technology and its growing global presence. This post will analyse Flow Traders potential in more detail …

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My initial Thoughts on Competitive Advantages and Economic Moats

Moats were useful in ancient times to defend a castle from adversaries. It is defensive work that makes it harder for attackers to infiltrate the caste. (Economic) Moat is an expression used in the domain of value investing describing specific features protecting a business from competitors.

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Quicky on Pandora A/S: After Strong Recent Performace is Position Trimming Needed?

From its intraday low on March 16th (DKK 182), Pandora rallied strongly with a performance until today (June 4, DKK 362) of +85%, more than +50% within the last month. Since Pandora represents a considerable position of my equity portfolio, I want to do a quick recap of my investment thesis and answer the question if a position resizing might be warranted.

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Is Oriental Watch the right Hong Kong bargain I want to buy right now?

Oriental Watch Holding Ltd. (Oriental Watch, OW) is a holding company that is listed in Hong Kong (398 HK) since 1993. It is active as a luxury watch retailer in greater China with stores in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan. I got the initial idea from a blog I highly recommend you to follow! …

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Am I a GambleršŸŽ²? And Striking Similarities between Gambling and Investing!

During the current corona crisis I interpret the ongoing social distancing measures quite strictly for myself. Meaning, I have not meet friends for dinner or for a drink or anything else (besides for a running) in real live for a few weeks now and! it! sucks!. So, I had to come up with a better solution for my evenings than watching TV each day …

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Pandora A/S Valuation Update after AR 2019

Pandora A/S released its Q4 and FY 2019 Annual Report on 4th February, 2020. The market reacted negatively with Pandora down 2.5%, presumably to the FY 2020 guidance, with sales guidance meeting expectations but expeted margin falling below expectations. I read through the material and updated my former Valuation-post of Pandora.

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Fundamental Valuation of Check Point Software (CHKP)

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli Company, that develops and sells Information Technology Security products. It is growing much slower than its highflying peers (Palo Alto, Fireeye, Fortinet) but it is very profitable. I do not have a good IT knowledge, but anyway, I wanted to perform a DCF Valuation of this Company for a long time now!

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Pandora A/S DCF-Valuation after 2019-Q3

Pandora, a Danish Company producing and Selling Mid-Priced Jewelry, most known for their charms concept, reported Q3 2019 results. Time to update my valuation. The Companys Management is trying to turn around sales trends, currently highly negative. If the turnaround will be successful is very uncertain, thus the Company trades at a Forward P/E of below 10 and out of 20 analysts only 3 give a buy rating. If it is successful there is a much higher valuation to be realized, …

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