A dry January or sth like that

A month without twitter … But nice developments at insurance companies.

This is not investment advice. Please read the disclaimer. I might own discussed stock(s) currently or at a later time. I might transact in any securities at any time.

A month without twitter wasn’t as hard or bad as one might think. Neither was it as productive as I hoped for. I hope for improvement being around the corner. I am up a develish 6.6% for the month (not that i would care) and a weaker USD acts as a headwind so far vs being a strong tailwind in 2022. It is February already (with eurusd @1.10) and I still carry about 20% cash (about half in USD).

I am very comfortable with my insurances holdings. They offer nice growth combined with improving profitability, or so it seems.

  • Protector with strong results and performance (ath)
  • Progressive with strong performance and likely good forward results on higher premium base (ath)
  • Markel with good performance and progressing ventures becoming more important
  • Qualitas with strong forward returns from bonds portfolio supporting still pressured underwriting results (much better than industry peers) and thus strong performance. Businesses development progressing nicely: entering Colombia and started health insurance. Further, underwriting leverage (NPE/EQ) was introduced as a new metric and instills hope for less overcapitalization…

Greatview (468 HK) has seen some interesting development (being up 100%+ 70% from its low) and is was currently suspended from trading since there is some stock sale going on. Today (Feb 2nd) trading resumed and the stock plunged – 20%. There is the issue and serious (?) risk of customers placing their orders elsewhere.

I have to narrow down on which companies to look closer…


2 thoughts on “A dry January or sth like that

  1. Greatview is one of my favorite companies even tho fundamentals not great (low roic). Hopefully margins improve as supply/commodity issues improve. Have you got a sell price?


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