Food for Thought #60 // Links

Includes: fossil fuels, deleting Twitter, Japan, portfolio management/sizing bets, UnBrexit, Rob Vinall’s 2022 letter, Spotify.

WHY ARE JAPANESE COMPANIES SO CHEAP?highly recommended as are If you must sell and idea generation.

The factual case for fossil fuels – I know by now that ‘facts’ will likely not sway many people’s believes when it comes to such topics. And facts can be presented with various perspectives.

Swen Lorenz with his weekly dispatch* about The art of Execution: How to manage your portfolio. I also like his idea to bet on UnBrexit, with the FTSE at record low relative Valuations. But, I think keeping in mind that FTSE includes a lot of cyclical commodity plays, that mit be valued at low PEs at cyclically high profits, and rightly so.

Rob Vinall’s 2022 letter with important lessons. On life, and investing. I hope he is doing well. Collaborative with another lesson on life from Jack Welch (CEO of GE): spend more money. I think it is of great importance to not forget what life is about when dabbling in investing. I instantly asked someone about their cancer treatment product, but it was for another form of cancer.

Lewis Robinson with his own ‘magic formula’ approach.

Rowan Street believes earning 45% IRRs on Spotify until 2025🚀, derived by … some magic (or so called R&D expenses being adjusted away). How up to date is such an app without R&D? Isn’t it R&D heavy as the htd R&D expenses, ehm investments, demonstrate. This stance does not mean it can’t be a great investment (but maybe for another logic).

I start the new year without Twitter and unsubscribed from lots of substack. Many transitioned to paid models with mostly questionable quality I believe (some only discovered the effects of SBC recently, with the market).

The dhando investor was a book I recently started and quickly decided that I do not like it (due to writing style/vocabulary used and not much new for me). The essays of Warren Buffett also include a lot of known stuff, but I love it so far.

Best and happy investing, s4v

* marks an affiliate link. If you want to become a paying member to Swen’s world-class content consider using it.


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