Free Cash Flow: It always was FCFF or FCFE

I hold a strong opinion for a long time: if it is about valuation visit Damodaran.

Damodaran publishes very good content on all-things-valuation. That mostly means cashflow based valuations or DCF, occasionally enriched via (peer-)multiples, and pricing discussions. He is out of favour from time to time but this mostly tells you more about the time we are in (think sexy story startups with valuations hardly reachable with DCFs using any reasonable assumptions and inputs). Anyway …

I am a big fan of defining cashflow metrics. Often times we can not or should not simply use the ‘FCF’ numbers whic hare provided by corporate executives and shown on polished IR slides, because their definitions are more useful for them instead of us if we aim for sensible valuations, ie. including SBC costs (however derived), many expenses deemed ‘one time’, etc. … Simply read his Oct 2022 post Earnings and Cash Flows: A Primer on Free Cash Flow. Since I have no other use for it I attach a profit / cashflow metric scheme from my studies (maybe it even helps you):

scheme from my studies

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