Book-review: The little book of common sense investing, Bogle

This is an absolute recommendation for the novice investor.

I stopped reading the book because I know it’s content and still think I am smarter than the average (or I enjoy the process of investing).

The foreword to Paul A. Samuelson, his economics professor must be one of the best foreword and praises I ever read.

Passive investing is on average much better for the average person.

If the data do not prove that indexing wins, well, the data are wrong. This is a great saving, since logic or common sense tells us that as a group over any time period equity investors own gross (market) returns minus all costs, fees, and taxes. It is a great reminder that basic logic is often a beeeter guide than relying on some data (points).
(‘active’ equity investors might systematically earn better net returns than passive indexes if stocks earn excess returns before being included in any index)


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