Food for Thought #58 // Links

Includes: Netflix, streaming,

The end of streaming’s golden age (Evan Johnson)

Vltava Q2 letter on inflation, oil, CVE.
Greenwood Q2 letter on everything is cyclical.

Bireme’s Q2 2022 letter demonstrates how useful a short book can be in certain market phases. Sometimes it might even be much easier to find very much overvalued stocks than to find undervalued ones on an absolute basis.

Diligent Dollars has two nice and quick posts on BBBY, which I owned for some time, sold, felt dumb for selling right before the pump, but feel a bit better now looking at the chart. Emotions are a roller coaster when looking at price charts too often (TME) and letting tell you how smart/dumb you were (as good as my last trade). Since I do not post that often these days, here is an add from Aug 21: there was another BBBY pop šŸ¤£. Feeling dumb again

Swen Lorenz. Part 1 about outstanding investors*. I liked part 1 about a German one the most. In another post, goes once more where others don’t dare to tread: Venzuale*.

Profitlich-schmidlin (German): value investing in pharma und biotech – wie geht das?

Marc Rubinstein about Deglobalised Banking. Citi and HSBC once sought after a global banking presence after dominating locally. USD funding was a strategic reason for HSBC, but is less so nowadays with many new USD swap lines btw CBs. Unwinding global banking is not easy, even when degloablisation makes it worthwhile for some players.

Best and happy investing, s4v

* marks an affiliate link. If you want to become a paying member to Swen’s world-class content consider using it.


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