Food for Thought #57 // Links

Includes: narratives (as quantitative factor), inflation, microcap series, Vietnam.

KoI explains the power of narratives.

Damodaran about inflation, Valuation and stock market returns.

Swen Lorenz’ latest weekly dispatch* seems like a great series kick-off. Part 1 of forgotten micorcaps.

Wind mills and oil wells are not that different if we think NPV calculation. A great piece within energy problems and (false) politics.

The greatest or most truthful ESG talk (?) within asset management by Stuart Kirk (ex HSBC obviously now) is still online.

ASC with 20 rules for investing in Vietnam, from a Vietnamese fund manager’s book ‘Crossing the street’. A great title! before visiting Vietnam in 2016 after HongKong, a travel agent gave me the pro tip for Vietnam to close my eyes and walk slowly across the street — all the motobike drivers will anitcipate my trajectory and drive by me. It worked perfectly. Worst thing to do was hesitating or watching the drivers in the eyes. Great memories 🙂

With that, I am off to Portgual for two weeks. Finally some extended holidays besides a week of sailing, less exotic than my loved south asian region but very overdue nonetheless after two years without much travelling.
Best and happy investing, s4v

* marks an affiliate link. If you want to become a paying member to Swen’s world-class content consider using it.


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