Food for Thought #48 // Links🔗

This time the most interesting content I stumbled over includes: PGR, Uranium, defensive investing, metaverse, Singapore real estate, crypto…

Investment lessons from the stoics argues in favor of defensive investments.

Kuppy thinks Uranium is a special trade that should be maxed out. I sold my position at the worst possible time, or sth like that, viewed from today, with the knowledge that many countries seem to ‘warm up’ to more instead of less nuclear energy. I like that personally. R/R is developing a small scale reactor.

Doomberg with Coking Gold, about arbitrage in commodity markets and related investment ideas.

The best and most clearly defined thoughts a friend has read on #metaverse/virtual worlds, except those by @ballmatthew can be found in this tweet.

Enlightened with a great recap of PGR‘s Q3 results, recent CR pressure, and its IMHO very promising commercial segment. PGR takes the right steps during unprecedented times (inflation) and taking the lead role to increase rates, slowing growth.

Asian Century with a great thematic report on Singapore residential property.

Marc Rubinstein writes Prime time in Crypto. I wonder if prime time ends if the pumpers — only girls (or pictures thereof) approaching me so far — aren’t getting paid someday.

It was Q3 earnings season.

Company news

Best and happy investing, s4v

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