Q(uicky) on Saigon Traffic (GTS VN) – help wanted!

I did not find this copany with a systematic screener, that is for sure. I found GTS when …

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I might currently or at a later point in time own shares (economic interest) in mentioned or related companies.

I read this tweet about the crazy option trading in Tesla shares on Oct 26th with Tesla hitting $1trn and wondered which companies might benefit. I remembered another tweet about market structure from a few days ago. I looked for GTS and found this Vietnamese company (GTS VN). A single digit PE and a 20% yield got me interested …

Saigon Traffic Construction Jsc provides infrastructure development and construction services. Sadly, I do only find this website and I did not find any IR materials. If financials are to be trusted, this could be really interesting…

  • Marekt Cap: USD 15m equivalents
  • EV: USD 6m
  • P/E 7.5x
  • Net income grew steadily from 1.1m in 2016 to 1.9m in 2020
    • though, cash conversion was negative before 2020
  • Indicated yield: 20%

When i visited Vietnam in 2016, the country was quickly changing. More and more goods are transported by truck and boats — the traditional means of transportation — are disappearing as more bridges are build and infrastructure is vasty improving. As tourists, it is nice to experience the floating markets, which were already only a third of there size in 2016. So, the potential for the firm to benefit from a construction boom seems to be there.

I hope you enjoyed this primer and give me a hint if you know of the company’s website / IR materials / insights.


One thought on “Q(uicky) on Saigon Traffic (GTS VN) – help wanted!

  1. That Vietnam company I can’t find much on and liquidity will be a issue. I might have a good thesis to play Tesla/EV without investing in Tesla 🙂 Most car components/servicing/products will be disrupted by EV eg less servicing/less oil/less wear but there is one component that won’t change and that is tires. So I can look out 10-20 years and see tires are not likely to be disrupted to the same degree (less tire wear with self driving tho). I looked at all the big brands and all seem overvalued DCF/ROIC so I looking into rubber producers (they can’t use 100% synthetic rubber) and found some but they don’t have a strong brand/moat compared to tire brands. If of interest let me know.

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