Food for Thought #43 // Links🔗

This time the most interesting content I stumbled over includes: dangerous feelings, uranium, energy, oil/gas, chips/semiconductors (IMEC), UMG, Chinese banks,

Collaborative about Dangerous Feelings.

HF&G looks back on uranium and looks forward to the potential Oil/Gas rally (link).

Swen Lorenz with his newest weekly dispatch* about energy crisis, the successful Gazprom case (as of now; I own Gazprom for a long time), and a new energy play in LatAm.

A natgas Cassandra speaks out (ft).

Fortum with interesting perspectives on energy prices (and crunch).

The Economist about neutral IMEC offers neutral ground amid chip rivalries and UMG is a hit – Investors rush to sample the streaming boom.

Marc Rubinstein from netinterest tells the politically influenced story of history Chinese banks.

Value stock geek’s Lessons from five years of writing.

Best and happy investing, s4v

* marks an affiliate: if you want to become a paying member to Swen’s world-class content please use my link. hte price for you is the same. I might receive a referral bonus (money).

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