Book-review: Der Neunte Arm des Oktopus (non-investment related)

I finished this book in record-time …

I finished it that fast because its font is big, margins are generous, paper is not the thinnest. And it is a thrilling story, written and told in its own way!

Fun fact: A friend gave this book to me for my birthday, only because of the title ‘Der Neunte Arm des Oktopus’. That is, because I like to ask the question ‘Wie viele Hände hat der Oktopus’ from a (stupid) German song 😀

Like the book Eine Billion Dollar by Andreas Eschbach the story if very much about the big human challenges (climate and social imbalances) embedded in a thrilling story. Further, it teaches that nothing is black-and-white and it is very rare that a decision will have only winners. Almost always there are some (forgotten) people at the losing end.

In Der Neunte Arm des Oktopus (link) Russia, China and the USA form the G3 alliance to tackle the climate crisis, over-population and excessive uses of the worlds resources – if neccessary they are willing to use military intervantions. Thus, the discussion of sovereignty comes up as it becomes obvious that there are other opinions, especially if you are part of the losing people. The books chapters are extremely short, and switch characters and locations constantly as in The Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). Chapters often contain merely two or three pages. I liked that. As in


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