Food for Thought #38 // Links🔗

This time the most interesting content I stumbled over includes: Howard Marks about the macro future, Greenlight’s Q2 letter, Novavax, culture, EM & BRICs, China’S tech crackdown, …

Howard Marks is Thinking About Macro because the macro future may not be knowable, but it certainly is important.

Greenlight’s Q2 letter with interesting thoughts on makro/ESG trends and related stock ideas.

Swen Lorenz with his newest weekly dispatch* presenting The “best” coronavirus vaccine and an undervalued stock?. (The idea ultimately became a deep-dive repport for paying members only)

Vitaliy on the importance of culture &management in The Softer Side of Value Investing.

Collaborative about The Highest Forms of Wealth.

The Economist about economic underperformance of emerging countries (Dashed hopes), prospects of developing countries or 20 years of BRICs (a mixed-up slowdown) and China’s tech crackdown (Get poor quickly)

Marc Rubinstein from netinterest about Blackstone’s Moment.

Asian Century Stocks on Okamoto.

Best and happy investing, s4v

* marks an affiliate: if you want to become a paying member to Swen’s world-class content please use my link. hte price for you is the same. I might receive a referral bonus (money).


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