Food for Thought #23 // Links🔗

I stumbled over some reviews of 2020 (and some other stuff) …

Time for reviews: I am sure that by now, all of you have read several high-quality reviews. Some writing philosophical pieces others focusing on financial markets, their performance and individual portfolio positions. I will do all this too and I am looking forward to it. Here I want to share some reviews, the 1st one is a sad and sometimes funny personal reveiw spanning 2+ decades

Worrying signs? 2020 IPO record was reached with with US companies and their top shareholders raising $435 bn, surpassing the prior high of $279 bn from 2014. The biotech industry lured the most cash.

China politics: How China Lost Patience With Jack Ma, Its Loudest Billionaire (bloomberg)

Valuesque with European Banks and the Q3/20 IFRS 9 Overlay – Fundamental vs. Technical Input to Accounting.

Kuppy (adventuresincapitalism) on riding freight trains (position management).

Swen Lorenz‘s 11 business lessons learned from my Sark initiative.

Jamie Catherwood (investor amnesia) looks at A Historic Year.

Company news

Best and happy investing, s4v


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