Book-reviews: NSA and Eine Billion Dollar by Andreas Eschbach (non-investment related)

The last two books I finished were both from Andreas Eschbach and I read them in German. The two books were non-investment related, but just good books. And, they gave me food-for-thought!

The first book NSA the acronym for Nationales Sicherheits-Amt (national department for security) is a thriller about the second world war (link). In this fiction, Germany has a strong technological edge over its opponents used against other nations and against its own residents as well. For readers, who only see the positives in todays technologies, this book will give you #Food-for-Thought as …

  • social networks are scanned for ‘political incorrect’ comments
  • digital payments is the only way to go and creates perfectly searchable data
  • in general, all data is stored and used to track down dissidents which makes for an exciting read

The second book Eine billion dollar (link) is about a blighter who unexpectedly inherits a huge amount of money (in English it’s one trillion dollar). Actually, he becomes the richest person on earth, by far, and is tasked with the infamous challenge to save the world and give new hope to its people. The book illuminates various social and environmental issues. The main character experiences very individual and personal situations but also discusses general economic theory. Possible solutions to the presented problems mostly unfold some form of moral dilemma.


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