Links🔗: Food for Thought

Below you find the most interesting investment-related content and thought-provoking articels I stumbled about in the recent past. Enjoy reads about: deep risk, value factror, Masimo, Hayden’s Q2, skills, German shares, …

Howard Marks with his must read memo Time for thinking. One great analogy relating to hte pandemic:

  • Swen Lorenz from tells you about a his 11th blog to watch
    • I believe most of you know Prof Damodarans blog musings on markets. I love it for the methodology and basic truths. Especially when it is about stories (Uber, Tesla, Facebook … anyone?)
    • If you don’t know it yet, read it! And read a lot! Really, stop reading this post (read it later though!) and start reading musing on markets from ‘The Professor’.
    • Since eternity in my blogroll. You might discover other intersting blogs there …
  • Hayden Capital reports a great performance in Q2 and valuable insightful in performance drivers (read the letter)

Best and happy investing, s4v

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