Links🔗: Food for Thought

Below you find the most interesting investment-related content and thought-provoking articels I stumbled about in the recent past. Enjoy reads about: Bollore, Wirecard, Flexibility, Finance Books, Supply Chain Finance, Crown Castle, the bull market vs the economy, Nintendo, …

  • Swen Lorenz from with its investing in poland series
  • Ensemble Capital with a post at about Nintendo which could capitalize on nostalgia
  • Forager about their purchase of shares in an energy drinks producer
  • John Huber from Saber Capital argues in The Coffee Can Edge that
    • buy-and-hold-forever brings some advantages
  • Forbes India about different perspectives on Masayoshi Son and Softbank Group
    • according to bloomberg, massive share buy backs (with more yet to come) have pushed the price to its highest since two decades.
  • YetAnotherValueBlogger about Twitter, the. Hacking of Twitter and ways to reap higher profits from it
  • The Economist with an interesting article about value investing, asking
    • If the dotcom boom and bust had not happened, would value investing have quite the same moral authority today?
    • The last paragraph reads: In the late 1990s […] burst dramatically. The bust was a painful lesson for investors. But perhaps some lessons were learnt a little too well. “When fools shun one set of faults”, wrote Horace, “they run into the opposite one.”

Best and happy investing, s4v


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